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About Me

Director. Cinematographer. Photographer. Storyteller. 

Olivier Hero Dressen is a highly accomplished Belgian creative professional with over 20 years of combined experience in film direction, cinematography, photography, writing, and creative direction. Known for his unique style that blends photography, drawing, graphic design, and video, Olivier emphasizes character development and storytelling in his work. He has a strong presence in Asia and a global reach, collaborating with notable talents like Kobe Bryant, Sophie Marceau, Ines de la Fressange, Sarah Silverman, and 劉雨昕 (XIN LIU), and working with major brands such as Converse, Nike, and Porsche.

One of his most notable works is the short film "The Passport," which received 70 nominations and 19 wins worldwide. Olivier's recent achievements include the cinematic triumph of "The Black Box," winning 6 prestigious awards, including the Grand Prize at Stage 32, and being officially selected 14 times with a notable screening at Hollyshort. His film "Kite" has also received over 50 nominations worldwide and secured 13 wins.

Currently, Olivier is working on "Backpacker," a unique film that promises to be a groundbreaking addition to his portfolio. "Backpacker" is a dark and captivating love story between two serial killers set against a background of suspense and intrigue. This film explores the complexities of love, identity, and human nature in a way that challenges conventional storytelling.

Throughout his career, Olivier has received numerous accolades, including the silver award from the Cannes Lions Festival, a cover feature in Archive Magazine, and the Promaxbda bronze award in Los Angeles. He has also contributed as a cinematographer to the film "The Nightwalk," which won multiple awards, including the Prix Canal + and Clermont-Ferrand. He was shortlisted for the César Awards in France.

Olivier is at the forefront of exploring new technology, having been a beta tester for OpenAI's Dall-E2 technology and a brand ambassador for YouPic and the Xiaomi Creator program. He collaborates with Zhiyun technology and is deeply interested in AI and new technology.

With his dedication to creating unforgettable stories and cinematic adventures, Olivier Hero Dressen continues to captivate audiences and profoundly impact the film industry.


Oliver Hero Dressen Bio


Over the years had the chance to collaborate with amazing clients.
OHD Brands

Endorsement / Sponsoring

Partnership and collaboration with brands

as a brand ambassador or sponsor.
YouPic Logo
DJI Logo
Adobe Logo
Stussy Logo
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Work with Celebrities

Sarah Silverman, Corsak, Romeo Elvis, Caballero & Jeanjass, 

Ines de la Fressange, Wnag Lore-Dan, Nana Ou-Yang, Mei Ting, Eilin Zhang,
Qui Xi, Ting Mel, Neri & Hu, 任嘉伦 Jialun Ren, 姚星彤 Xingtong
YAO, Stromae, Sophie Turner, Sophie Marceau, Arno, Kobe Bryant, Guts,
Patrice Bart Williams.


Best Direction


"She is So Perfect"

Winner Best Direction

Hollywood Feedback, Los Angeles USA 2022

Best Short

SIMFF 2022

"She is So Perfect"

Winner Special Mention

SIMFF, Seoul KOREA 2022


Best Commercial Value


"The Passport"

Winner Best Commercial Value

Netease, CHINA 2022

Best Editing


"The Passport"

Winner Best editing

Puna Film Festival, INDIA 2019

Best Production Design


"The Passport"


Los Angeles Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 2019

Best Short film


"The Passport"

Winner Short Film

Hollywood Forever Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 2019


Best Short Drama TNLIFF

"The Passport"

Winner Short Drama

TNLIFF, Sidney, Australia 2019


Best Scifi Beijing Indie Short Film Festival Awards 2019

"The Passport"

Winner Beijing Indie Short Film Festival Awards.
Beijing, China.


Best Short Film MINDFIELD 2019

"The Passport"

Winner Bronze Best Short Film Mindfield 2019
Los Angeles (USA).


Best Editing LAFA 2018

"The Passport"

Winner Best Editing Los Angeles Film Award.
Los Angeles (USA).

Audience Award 2016

"Want it back"

Winner Audience Award Wing'n it Bigui Mini Film Festival (Beijing).


Best Music Video Filmets 2015

"Want it back"

Best Music Video. Filmets 2015, Barcelona, Spain.


Silver Awards  Canne Lions 2007

"Mother and Child" Uncredited

Winner Outdoor Silver Canne Lions 2007

"Mother and Child" (as illustrator, Uncredited)

Best Short


"She is So Perfect"

Winner Special Mention

AIMAFF, Athena GREECE 2022

Best Comedy

SFAAF 2022

"She is So Perfect"

Winner Best Comedy

SFAAF, Burgos, CHILE 2022

Best Short


"The Passport"

Winner Best Short

Stage 32, USA 2021


Best Drama


"The Passport"

Winner Best Drama

Hollywood Feedback, Los Angeles, USA 2019

Best Director


"The Passport"

Winner Best Director

Hollywood Forever Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 2019

Best Editing


"The Passport"

Winner Best editing

Hollywood Forever Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 2019



Best Foreign Director LA LIVE FILM FESTIVAL

"The Passport"

Winner Best Foreign Short film Director

LA Live Film Festival 2019


Best Crime Thriller GOLDEN STATE 2019

"The Passport"

Winner Best Crime Thriller

Golden State Independent Film Festival 2019
Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles (USA).

Best Thriller LAFA 2018

"The Passport"

Winner Best Thriller Los Angeles Film Award.
Los Angeles (USA).

Best VFX NIAF 2019

"The Passport"

Winner Best VFX Nightlight Impact.
South Africa.


Best Music Video SVFF 2015

"Want it back"

Best Music Video. Silicon Valley SVFF 2015,

San Francisco, USA.

Bronze Awards  PROMAX BDA 2015

"Ahah Kids Channel"

Bronze Awards, Promax BDA 2015, Best kids Campaign. Los Angeles, USA.



2023 - The Black Box (director, short) 2023 - T2D (director, short, in post-production)

2022 - She is So Perfect (director, cinematographer, short)

2023 - Don't Say Sorry “Love at first sight” (director, short, in post-production)

2022 – 20 in the ’80s (director, cinematographer, short musical)

2022 - Kite (director, short, in post-production)

2021 – The Nightwalk (cinematographer, short)

2021 – Disqualify (director, short musical)

2020 – Story Of Corsak (director, cinematographer, short documentary)

2020 – Eloise (director, short musical)

2018 – Dessert - (director, cinematographer, short musical)

2018 – Clonez-moi (director, short musical)

2018 – Le monde a change (director, short musical)

2018 – Coach “Missing” (director, short)

2017 – The Passport (director, short)

2015 – Dark Gloves (director, short musical)

2014 – Want it Back (director, short musical)

2014 – Buffy (director, short musical)

2013 – Aren’t you Clever? (director, cinematographer, short musical)

2013 – Autour d’un verre (director, short musical)

2012 – Old Buddy (director, short musical)

2012 – Life Goes on (director, short anime)

2012 - LE SOIR -On à tous raison de l'ouvrir (director, short anime)

2011 – Wednesday (director, short anime)

2010 – A Cat In Paris – (assistant animator, feature film)

2010 – Le Totem Du Progres (director, short animation)

2009 – Moi ce que j’aime (director, short musical)

2008 – Sexual invasion (director, short animation)

2006 – Marottes – (assistant animator, short animation)

2004 – Ready Rodger Jet (director, short animation)

2004 – Vive les Vacances (director, short animation)

2003 – Merry Noel (director, short animation)

2003 – 5 minutes (director, short animation)

2003 – Les Dictateurs (director, short animation)

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