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Welcome to the Press & Behind-the-Scenes page, showcasing the latest media features, interviews, and insider glimpses into my creative process as an award-winning director-cinematographer. Discover and explore the fascinating world behind the lens of various film, commercial, and music video projects as they come to life. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and unique visions that define my work in the industry, as revealed through engaging interviews and exclusive content.


Promonews, Music Video Specialist

Belgian director Olivier 'Hero' Dressen gave himself quite a challenge in making his video for Guts' Want It Back. He went to both Paris and Shanghai to tell a story about 5 year old kids who want to take over the world from the adults. 


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Pour illustrer son "Dessert", l’ami du duo belge Caballero et JeanJass, et frère de la douce Angèle, s’est donc exilé à Los Angeles pour un visuel très cinématographique signé Olivier Hero Dressen.

Les Inrocks, Magazine

Aujourd’hui, ils dévoilent la vidéo du premier extrait, Dessert, réalisée par Olivier Hero Dressen.

Dans ce clip tourné à Los Angeles, Roméo Elvis est coincé dans une boucle, et vit donc à répétition la même scène, qu’il ne joue pas de la même façon – et c'est drôle.

Frame Magazine


Olivier Dressen is an award-winning Belgian photographer and creative director. Although his main base is in Shanghai, Dressen also spends time in Paris, Brussels and Los Angeles. In addition to his editorial and mixed-media work, he directs commercials, short films and music videos.


Eastern Independant

Eastern Independent, Films & shorts in asia

The Passport tells the dark story of an amnesiac who travels the streets at night in a desperate attempt to figure out who he really is. We talk with director Olivier Hero Dressen and actor Michael Koltes and get their thoughts on what makes for a good story, the benefits of being able to draw on a range of creative experiences, and the making of their award-winning short film.

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Hollywood Reporter

An immersive experience, it features a mix of traditional painting and photo works by people like Dutch photographer ("dreamweaver") Marcel Van Luit, Echo Park muralist Mambo, Belgian photographer and director Olivier H. Dressen, sculptor Mimi Haddon, designer Sallie Falls, digital artist Cedric Ih, self-described bad animator Danny Casale and YouTube star and fashion guru Alex Costa.

Discover LA

Voyage LA

(...) Has it been a smooth road?
Nothing is smooth, even I knew what I wanted to do since Childhood, seeking “perfection” is an impossible ride, but yet poetic way of living. I also got a mantra to keep trying until you succeed. My career until now has been a constant learning curve, and that’s actually what makes this job very fulfilling actually. (...)

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