Where are you based?

I work with different production houses all over the world, distances are not an issue. I am a Shanghai-based director who also does commercials and music videos in Los Angeles, Belgium, France, and anywhere I am needed.

So consider me as a Los Angeles commercial and music video director, but also Shanghai commercial and music video director.

Currently I am rep in USA, France, China, Belgium, Germany, East Asia and Emirates.

What are your day rates?

My day rates are variable depending on the project needs and durations; I also have documents available regarding my prices, rates, and conditions. Just drop me an email, and we can discuss it.

Usually my rates as director can be adapted to the local tv advertising costs. I also can provide rates for Advertising, music videos and corporate work.

Are you photographer, director, cinematographer, motion designer or creative director?

I am a bit of altogether, and my specialty is to mix different techniques;
Illustrations, Matte-painting, 3D, Photography, Creatives ideas, Cinematography, are all parts of what I practice and learn since I started my career in 2000.

I consider myself a storyteller at first; I use all the tools I have in my hand to tell the story.

Movies and films are a teamwork effort, but as a director, I like to understand every piece of the machine, by having experience and understanding of every part, I can lead and collaborate with my team correctly from the script to the final result.

This is my film portfolio website but you can also find more work as photographer, illustrator and more on my other websites.

Do you do your own post production?

I know more than 20 software and also do 3D, editing, 2D animation, color grading, photo retouching, photography, illustrations, etc. I have an extended knowledge into VFX and as a matter of fact I do VFX supervision occasionally, inclueding work for Nicolas Winding Refn, Glasswork and Stink China.

However, I prefer to work with a team and using my skills and in-depth knowledge, experience to lead them in the right direction and with this process aiming for the higher result than I would typically achieve on my own.

Team works make the dream works.

Why "Hero"?

I come from comics and illustrations; at the time, I was drawing a lot of monsters and superheroes. Hero is also an ironic nickname, as you can be a Hero or an Anti-Hero, it’s up to you to decide. I love this dichotomy.

I also use to sign Hero on my paintings and draws for a decade, peoples in my home country called me Hero on a daily base, even some people only know me from that name.

One day my lawyer called me by the name of Hero, so for me, that was it, and the name stuck to me with the time passing by.

I like your work I want to feature it on my blog/article!

Great! And thank you! Drop me an email, and don't forget to ask me for permission. I'll forward you all the credits and content you need regarding the project.

Filmmaking is a collective work; I need to mention all the peoples involved in it.